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After They Have Gone

The Fourth Age of Middle Earth

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Apavannente is a canon Lord of the Rings role playing game, based on both the original texts and Peter Jackson's films.

The game is set a couple of years into the Fourth Age of Middle-Earth, after the passing of the elves and Istari into the West. As a canon game, this means that only characters still living in Middle-Earth at the beginning of the Fourth Age will be involved, and all relationships/couples established in canon will be adhered to.

Application procedure
All applicants need to write an audition piece, which should consist of either a piece of narrative of around 300 words or two shorter pieces, one a piece of narrative and the other a first person post in the style of either a personal journal entry or a letter to another character.

All application pieces should be about/from the point of view of your desired character.

Sorry to make you work for your places in the game, but we're aiming for high quality canon writing here.

Send your application piece(s) to shebit @livejournal.com (without the space) and leave a comment stating that you've applied in the moderator's journal in case the email gets eaten by wargs.

There are many characters still to cast, so for information on application procedures, or any other questions, leave a comment in the moderator's journal(shebit)

Unclaimed characters include:
and many more.

Where should I post my entries?
Post all entries to the community journal, even personal in-character journal entries.

What kind of posts should I write?
Posts should be in one of three forms: a piece of narrative based around your character; a personal journal entry by your character/inner monologue (posted in the community journal); or a letter to another character.

Should I use icons?
As there are three post styles and journals can have three icons it might be a good idea to have one icon for each kind of post: a story icon; a journal icon and a letter icon.

How do I communicate out of character?
All out of character posts should be made to apa_comments, which is an open community which all players must join. Moderator messages are also posted in there.

How does time progress in the game?
All game play is in calendar realtime - meaning that days in the real world are days in the game world, but the time of day posting occurs doesn't matter. If you can only get online in the evening, you can still write about your character's morning activities that day. The game officially started on 29th September 3023 - exactly two years after the Ring Bearers departed from the Grey Havens - and continues in realtime from that point. Realtime play also means that travelling takes time - a journey from Edoras to Minas Tirith will take around four days on horse back, and Rivendell to Gondor will take around a month. A travelling player will have to spend that much time on the road, but can spend the time enjoying the scenery, developing their character and even having adventures.

How do characters communicate across long distances if travelling takes time?
Long distance communication is where we're taking some liberties with the whole 'realtime' style of the game. Although moving a character around Middle-Earth takes time, letters travel almost instantly. It might be conversation via palantir, it might be Eagle Mail(TM), who knows - maybe messengers are just exceptionally fast in Middle-Earth. This is purely to speed up game play a little. If you're inviting someone to visit from the other end of the continent, we don't want to wait a month for them to get your invitation and then another month for them to arrive, so they will receve the letter the day after it is sent, but will then have to set out on their long journey.

What subject matter isn't allowed?
Basically, a bit of violence is fine - Middle-Earth is a violent place, and later in the game we'll be getting into some fighting, so if our brave warriors see fit to gut a few orcs then so be it. However, this is not a smut game, so no hot sweaty sex please. R-rated violence is fine but let's keep the sex to PG-13

Please note: This is not a slash game/community. However, neither is it a non-slash community. All relationships established in canon will be adhered to. I'm as much of an Aragorn/Legolas fan as the next hot-blooded Tolkien fan, but it was Tolkien's wish that Aragorn settle down to live happily with Arwen. Likewise Faramir/Eowyn, Sam/Rosie and Eomer/Lothíriel. However, characters who have not yet entered into a canon relationship are welcome to follow natural progression, wherever that may take them, as long as it is clear that they will eventually end up with their canon spouses. And yes, I know that Legolas/Gimli is canon, but no Elf/Dwarf slash please. It's just icky.